An early gift to all our readers

You are our greatest asset, and therefore we took your concerns at heart regarding the readability of the popular Low Carb Direct e-magazine. From now on this will be the new look and format of our monthly e-zine. The best news is: it will still carry all your favorite articles and information.

We believe this will improve the ease of reading and sharing of your favorite articles with friends and family. And just to show how much we care: We will publish a second monthly Cuisine supplement filled with delicious low carb recipes and more – so be on the lookout for this as well!

Low carb season’s blessings to all – Esther Möller




 First ever keto cafe

The world’s first ketogenic café opened up in Subiaco, Western Australia called Karibu. The café serves an array of scrumptious low carb, high fat treats. Read more



Keto Getaway West Palm Beach 2017

Low Carb USA announces its next great event soon to come. Keto Getaway West Palm Beach 2017, Jan 20 – 22. Read more.

A Big milestone for LCHF was reached when The BMJ (formerly The British Medical Journal) announced its support for an article written by Nina Teicholz. Read more

LCHF breakthrough

A Big milestone for LCHF was reached when The BMJ announced its support for an article written by Nina Teicholz. Read more



Low Carb Breckenridge 2017

Following on from the success of ‘Low Carb Vail 2016’ comes Low Carb Breckenridge 2017, Feb 24 – 26. Read more


Prestigious award

Low carb entrepreneurs have nothing to hide when it comes to creativity and inspiring business models. One such entrepreneur is Annora Mostert from Anja’s Pantry. Read more.



Low Carb Cruise 2017

The 10th Annual Low Carb Cruise to ALASKA will be sailing out of Seattle on the Explorer of the Seas on May 19, 2017. Read more.


For the love of great tasting low carb bread

Hein Kymdell & Leandi Strydom from We Love Low Carb did not let failure and countless challenges deter them from their ultimate goal – to deliver the lowest carb bread currently available. We asked them to tell us more about their journey as low carb entrepreneurs. Read more.

Hein Kymdell & Leandi Strydom from We Love Low Carb doing what they love most: selling low carb products at one of their regular markets.




I’ll Never Forget Whatshisname? – Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr Peter Hill contributes a very valuable insight in the possible origin of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and how it can be prevented. Read more on this debilitating disease in this first Part of his series on AD.




Try not to go nuts over nuts

Most of us see nuts as an absolute integral part of our low carb lifestyle and we just love them! But as with everything else in life too much of a good thing is not always that good for you. Catriona Walsh tells us why perhaps not… Read more.



Jy het nou jou doelgewig bereik, wat nou?

Uiteindelik is die skaal jou vriend na baie jare van ‘n vyandige koue-oorlog. Maar o wee, nou wonder jy, hoe nou gemaak? Madele Burger, oftewel Toortsie, deel graag haar persoonlike ervaring. Lees verder.




‘n Heerlike slaai vir die somermaande, spoggerig genoeg vir die feestafel, maar ook gewigtig genoeg as ligte maaltyd. Aangebied deur Madele Burger. Resep



Anja’s Pantry – a true success story in the food industry

Anja’s Pantry was established in August 2015 and quickly grew to the current 36 shops and outlets. They are always looking for new opportunities and establishing more entrepreneurs with a winning business model. Are you contemplating your own low carb business? Read more on the opportunities within the Anja’s Pantry stall.




Holiday Fitness Survival Guide

silhouette-683751_640It is nearly here!  Can you feel it, can you taste it?  Yup, I’m talking about the December holidays. The holidays are typically the time of year we slack off and fall short on our fitness training and tend to want to overindulge in all the yummy holiday season foods, simply because we feel we deserve it. Sharon Jessop from Boot Camp Academy SA empowers you with some great tips to stay on track while you enjoy the holidays. Read more



BizziB launches brand new business venture


loyalty-cardBallito based foodie and business entrepreneur, Ashleigh Tutt, launches her next ingenious endeavor: A one-stop shop for the low carb conscious shopper. Based at her factory premises in Gregory Park, Ballito, BizziB will now be stocking a full range of quality food products by fellow artisan producers. These suppliers will also be joining BizziB Gourmet in their online distribution channel and benefit from the national footprint Tutt already enjoys. Read more


UP FOR IT – ‘Coach in a pocket’


Are you considering a full or part-time coaching career? Here is your opportunity to receive FREE online training to the value of R 10 000. For more information on this very special training offer, please contact Dr Peter Hill via e-mail at askdrhill@lowcarbdirect.net.  Find out the benefits of having a ‘coach in your pocket’ to guide you on your way to improved health and/or weight loss. Read more


Low Carb is Lekker presents: Lekkerboxes



Ine Reynierse, author of the well-known book, Low Carb is Lekker is doing it again! Be on the lookout for her brand new cookbook – Low Carb is Lekker II – in stores soon. She also presents a full range of all her delicious baking for your convenience. Click on the advert below and order yours now – just in time for the festive season!







Toortsie’s Banting Bash | Toortsie se Bantingboerekos

Toortsie’s Banting Bash | Toortsie se Bantingboerekos is more than just a recipe book. It is full of quick, easy and tasty recipes you can make in an ordinary kitchen using ordinary ingredients. All of the recipes are suitable to the Banting lifestyle. Order your copy here today.

Follow Madele Burger‘s blog Toortsie, Kameel en Bokbaaivygie se blog





We offer Banting Weight Loss Programs

Designed by Sally-Ann Creed
Our goal is to empower you, through a process of coaching, with the skills and knowledge that can help you lose your excess kilos and maintain a healthy weight long term.



We freshly bake and hand make the LOWEST CARB bread in the market! We help you with meal plans, advice, tips and more!

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Our products are always Banting Friendly, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Super Tasty! SOTE boasts with an in-house RMR Certified Banting Coach, so you can be sure that any advice received is always good advice.

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Banting WITH Success

We offer coaching for successful weight loss and a healthy lifestyle change. Follow us on our Facebook page and join our regular support groups. Read more on Ilze Czubora and her family’s amazing success story.

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